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Welcome on Dev Musings. Here are my ramblings about free open-source software, high-tech gadgets and (mostly functional) programming.

DokuWiki TagList Plugin

The list of topics in the sidebar is generated using a small plugin of mine, which is an addition to the Tag plugin. This is one thing I like the most about DokuWiki: it is simple and well-documented, so that it is easily extensible!

In my opinion, this should be integrated directly into the tag plugin, which is why I did not plublished it directly to the DokuWiki plugin index. I'll propose that to the tag plugin authors when I'll find the time. Feel free to do so yourself if you want to speed it up. In the mean time, here it is.

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2012/10/02 09:09 · csoldani · 1 Comment

QuickCheck++ Updated

QuickCheck++ has been updated. The major change is that it now compiles with clang++, which is more strict than GCC about some C++ dark corners.

I do not use QuickCheck++ on a regular basis anymore (as I am not using C++ on a regular basis anymore), but I continue to receive some decent amount of feedback about it. It is amazing for me to see how such a simple library has attracted that amount of attention. I will continue to update it as long as there is interest or until someone else takes the leader role (I will gladly hand it over to anyone interested to maintain it).

The next logical step would be to rewrite the library using variadic templates (C++11), which are only emulated up to 5 property arguments at the moment. Someone told me he has some code for that, I will get in touch and see if we can roll that soon.

2012/09/19 10:53 · csoldani · 0 Comments

Photon Compiler Development: Polymorphism

This is the 17th article of a series (table of contents) about compiler development with LLVM using OCaml. We intend to develop a compiler for a subset of OCaml large enough to allow our compiler to compile itself.

In this article, we implement polymorphism, both for the type inference process and for the compilation itself.

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2012/02/01 13:43 · csoldani · 0 Comments

DokuWiki: Remove Media Files from Feed

After upgrade to Angua, my feed was overfilled with numerous entries for media files. How to prevent them from appearing in the feed?

One way is to disable media revisions. However, these may be useful so it is a bit too drastic.

I found an alternative way. There is an undocumented new parameter to feed.php which control what appears inside it: view can be one of pages, media or both. It defaults to both. If you replace feed.php with feed.php?view=pages, you obtain the old (sane) behavior back.

If you already have a lot of people subscribed to the old URL (without view, i.e. with view=both), you can arrange this through URL rewriting, or by modifying the default from both into pages in the feed.php file.

2012/01/27 08:53 · csoldani · 0 Comments

Sorry for the Mess in Feed

If you follow this blog through its feed, you may have noticed massive occurrences of non-post related entries. This is due to an upgrade of DokuWiki which added media file revisions (which are now added to the feed by default).

I deactivated media revisions until I find a solution to this problem.

2012/01/27 07:00 · csoldani · 0 Comments
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