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Booklet Script

Here is a script to make a booklet from a PDF document.

When I must print a document, I like to print it in booklet format, i.e. with two pages per page and reordered pages so that when printed on a duplex printer and folded, it makes a little book. These booklets allow an easy read, consume less paper, takes less space on my desk (or in my pocket) and I find them somehow cute.

One can make booklets for Postscript files with tools such as psbook and psnup. However, I once run into a PDF file which was unwilling to convert seamlessly to Postscript and wrote the attached script to process the PDF file directly. I now use it for all PDF as it avoids conversion to Postscript.

Just decompress the booklet.gz into a folder that is in your PATH, decompress it and make it executable. The usage is then quite straightforward :

booklet input.pdf [output.pdf].

You will need pdfinfo (from XPDF suite) and pdfLaTeX with the pdfpages package for this script to work.


Anonymous, 2009/01/04 12:06

Very useful tool. It's pleasure to read a printed document with booklet. Thanks.

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