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Searching for Recommended Packages to Install

From time to time, aptitude wines about recommended packages that have not been installed. If you note them down immediately, you can later review these packages to see if you want to install them (which is generally a good idea).

However, when you update 20 machines with different configurations at the same time using cluster SSH, it is a bit painful to keep track of these packages. The same is true when you update a machine in a hurry.

The question is, then, how can I find out after-the-facts packages which are recommended by some installed packages but are not installed?

Surprisingly, I could not find the answer stated plainly on the web. Shockingly, I had to RTFM. To spare you that infamous task :-D, here is what I came up with.

aptitude search '?not(?installed) ?reverse-broken-recommends(?installed)'

To find why a package is recommended (by which installed package), use

aptitude why package_name

Finally, it may be a good idea to mark these packages as automatically installed (so that they will be removed too if you remove the recommending package).

aptitude markauto package_name


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