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QuickCheck++ Updated

QuickCheck++ has been updated. The major change is that it now compiles with clang++, which is more strict than GCC about some C++ dark corners.

I do not use QuickCheck++ on a regular basis anymore (as I am not using C++ on a regular basis anymore), but I continue to receive some decent amount of feedback about it. It is amazing for me to see how such a simple library has attracted that amount of attention. I will continue to update it as long as there is interest or until someone else takes the leader role (I will gladly hand it over to anyone interested to maintain it).

The next logical step would be to rewrite the library using variadic templates (C++11), which are only emulated up to 5 property arguments at the moment. Someone told me he has some code for that, I will get in touch and see if we can roll that soon.


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